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Why is suIT Solutions…

…the perfect choice? Because…

  • we know application development like “the back of our hand”;

  • as a Hungarian-owned medium-sized enterprise and thanks to our multinational clients we simultaneously benefit from the advantages of challenging corporate projects and a flexible company size;

  • thanks to our comprehensive financial experience and our extensive service portfolio it is worth working with us


Because working environment…

…is just as important to us as the work itself. We believe in the long-term success brought on by efficient teamwork, positive attitude and work-life balance. We place particular importance on creating collaborative and supportive work atmosphere. Therefore, we ensure that suIT Solutions is not just a simple workplace, but a community that you feel you belong to.

Our projects….

…are diverse and innovative. Challenging tasks, broad experiences and wide range of career opportunities awaits those who join us. Building on the common company values, we strive to encourage continuous teaching, learning, and knowledge-sharing.

Our Experts…

…represent our greatest asset. Without their effort and dedication we would be unable to provide long term solutions and high-quality services to our Clients. We invest in the professional development and leadership opportunities in each member of our team. Just like technology itself, we continuously strive to encourage development and new ideas, which represent the most efficient path to success for our Clients and colleagues. Do you want to join our team? Share your experiences with us!

We are constantly expanding our team of developers on a project basis, not on a position-by-position basis, so if you feel that you are one of us, send your CV to and we will contact you!


Hungarian language skills are a condition of employment!

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