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Project funded by NKFI


Name of beneficiary:

  • Hungarikum Insurance Broker Limited Company (Consortium leader)

  • Budapesti Corvinus University (Consortium member)

  • suIT SOLUTIONS Limited Company (Coonsortium member)


Project title: Complex and integrated Insurance Brokerage and Registration System


The amount of the fund: 798.650.000, – Ft


A measure of the fund: 67,85%


Presentation of the content of the Project: 


Our insurance sector project aims at a complex Insurance Customer Relationship Building and Servicing System, covering life and non-life insurance, retail insurance. Our services range from claims assessment to insurance brokerage services through to policy underwriting and renewal, including claims reporting and claims settlement services, and provide a full range of insurance contract management and advice, either online or through face-to-face advisory assistance. By integrating the different channels, they will serve consumer needs more efficiently than the current market level. Combining the speed of online insurance with the expertise available through insurance brokerage.

Our aim is to create a personalised and integrated customer service system that better supports the needs of the population, compared to the systems currently available in the financial market, and which increases their insurance knowledge and awareness and their financial security, so that they can be financially healthier. The current state of the science is that there is no such thing.

A System of 4 main pillars will be implemented to deliver our integrated online and broker insurance business. The pillars are:

  • A complete customer needs assessment platform, integrated with the tariff portal, ensuring full integration with each insurance company.

  • Customer and Contract Register back-end system, which contains all customer contracts integrated in one place. This makes it easier for clients to communicate with their advisors, consultants and clients to manage their contracts.

  • Rewards module - designed to measure, compare and, in addition to displaying performance, motivateing broker.

  • Statistical analysis module - which provides an opportunity to present a comprehensive overall picture for management reporting.


Planned completion date of the Project: 2024.09.30.


Project ID number: 2020-1.1.2-PIACI-KFI-2020-00172

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