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Innovative IT solutions 

Our well-established development team of 60 people provides our customers with stable IT service standards with almost 20 years of experience.

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With our customized solutions, we always provide an optimal solution for our corporate customers that fully adapts to the company's existing systems, whether it is the most modern, the most widespread or a lesser-known platform.

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Arisa partnership-2.png

We are happy to announce our collaboration with ARISA - AI Skills. 🎉

ARISA is an EU-funded project which aims to bring more AI skills to the European market. As an Associated Partner of ARISA, we will contribute to the project’s collective effort to ensure the availability of quality AI skills and reduce skills gaps and mismatches in Europe.

suIT_Magyar Szabványügyi Testület_Aranyoklevél

The Hungarian Standards Board awarded a gold certificate to suIT SOLUTIONS in recognition of its commitment to its quality management system. Organizations that successfully operate and develop their management system and maintain their certification for at least 12 years at the Hungarian Standards Board can receive a gold certificate.

We would like to thank all our employees for their persistent and high-quality work, with which we were able to achieve this performance! 

Untitled presentation.png

SMART Capacity System project, thanks to its successful appearance in the program "Between the Sharks", it not only received the biggest investment offer of the season so far from the "sharks", but was also nominated for the K&H special award for 'Innovation and sustainability', the Kia special award for 'Sustainable Mobility' and the Samsung Also for the Electronics 'Innovation and security: business mobilization' special award.

K&H special prize & among the Sharks: Introducing Smart Capacity System »»»

Learn more about the project »»»


Our new creative project has been handed over, if you've been to Tatabánya, try it Past App!

MúltApp presentation video »»»

Time travel in Tatabánya: MúltApp in the Museum - article »»»

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