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Legal and data protection statement

All information (product description, informational text, images and graphics) on the website of suIT Solutions, the graphical and technical structure of the website, as well as the realisation of its functions are the sole property of suIT Solutions Ltd. and are fully protected by copyright in accordance with Act LXXVI of 1999. Use, processing, copying, distribution, or storage of the above without the express consent of its legal proprietor, suIT Solutions Ltd. shall be regarded as copyright infringement and shall entail legal consequences.

Information presented on the website of suIT Solutions can be freely downloaded, displayed, or printed out, provided that this is solely for personal use. For any commercial application of the above an official offer/statement must be requested from suIT Solutions Ltd.

Data and descriptions presented on the website of suIT Solutions – given the customised nature of our services – do not constitute as a formal offer. Such offer will be provided by suIT Solutions Ltd. only after the establishment of personal contact.

The website of suIT Solutions Ltd. can be visited free of charge, without the need to provide any official information. The website is equipped with a WordPress plugin, which monitors the information of the visitors (e.g. IP address, browsers, TOP10 page on the website). SuIT Solutions Ltd. handles this information,

  • According to the 2011. CXII statute (Infolaw) regarding the right to informational self-determination and freedom of information, furthermore

  • Statute 2016/679 of the European Parlament and Council regarding natural persons’ privacy policy, safety and of its free flow, moreover the annulment of statue 95/46/EK (General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR)

eTherefore, strictly follow its rules about private information. SuIT Solutions Ltd. only keeps records of the private data which was previously agreed by the private person or institution, or it is necessary for different phases of the service provided (making an offer, contract management, billing). Such data will under no circumstances will be revealed for a third party. The provided private data will be safely stored according to the Hungarian legislation. SuIT Solutions Ltd. will only use the data after the approvement of the user, during which the time of usage will be until the withdrawal of consent.

Last modification of the present legal and data security statement: June 1, 2023. SuIT Solutions Ltd. reserves the right to amend the present declaration without any prior or ulterior notice. Please address regarding any questions about this document.

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